Below are some testimonials from happy patients! If you are a happy patient, go to our contact page to submit a testimonial and we’ll get it posted here.

“I suffered from migraines and visited several doctors who prescribed me various drugs to try to alleviate my symptoms. Not only did they not help, but they all had side effects. I was referred to Erin by a friend and I’m so glad I went for a consultation- she immediately put me at ease and impressed me with her knowledge. She is extremely thorough in discussing medical history and made me feel completely comfortable. She recommended a course of treatment that relieved me of my migraines AND helped with allergy and sinus problems. I would definitely recommend her!”


“I have been referring my patients for Acupuncture over the years for a host of different issues related to their breast cancer treatment: pain, menopausal symptoms, anxiety, general gastrointestinal issues, etc. I have a great faith in the science, but had never tried it myself. I met Erin and decided to give it a try for some anxiety related issues I was having. After one treatment I was feeling like a perpetual weight had been lifted off my shoulders and chest. Wow, I knew it would work to some degree, but I felt amazing! And with only a couple of ”tune-ups” the results have lasted for several months. I mentioned during one of our sessions that I was flying to Dallas and was a little nervous; not about flying, but about all the other little details of travel that my husband usually takes care of. But this time I was traveling alone and couldn’t count on him to deal with these issues. She recommended a herbal blend which worked wonderfully. I had clarity and no anxiety about my trip at all. Erin is a wonderful, patient, and insightful practitioner and I refer her patients whenever I can!”

~Donna Valentine, PA-C

“My experience with acupuncture has been very positive. As a breast cancer survivor, I sought out acupuncture to help with side effects from radiation and medication as part of my treatment plan. Erin’s knowledge of the human body and how it responds to treatments has been both calming and helpful to me. The acupuncture treatments are relaxing; I find myself falling asleep most of the time. The herbs Erin has prescribed over the years have had positive results as well. It’s nice to combine Eastern medical practices with Western medicine. My doctors have always supported my inclusion of acupuncture and herbal medicines in my commitment to wellness.”


“I have been doing acupuncture treatments with Erin for almost a year. I had initially started seeing her for weight loss support. However, before we really got started I was diagnosed with breast cancer:( Following each chemo treatment I went to see Erin and I feel like I went through chemo without any significant issues. I also continued to go to her through radiation. When I told my oncologist about doing acupuncture, he was very supportive. Erin geared my treatments around what was going on with my life at the time (chemo, radiation, or trying to get back to normal). I knew she had experience working with cancer patients so that really put my mind at ease. I really felt that she helped me through this time of my life – I am very grateful to her for her help in getting me through it all. I am looking forward to her return from maternity leave!”

~Mary B.