Lower Back Pain, Cold & Cough

I went to Erin Piccola for acupuncture for lower back pain recently, and I also mentioned that I was getting over a bad cold. I had a lingering cough for about two weeks which would get much worse at night, to the point where I was wheezing and coughing so much that I had to take NyQuil each night to stop coughing and be able to fall asleep. Erin suggested that we try cupping for it, which as she explained, helps to remove some of the toxins that has built up in your chest. In addition to treating my back pain, we tried the cupping. That night for the first time I did not have the terrible coughing I had been experiencing the previous two weeks and didn’t have to take anything for the cough! I haven’t had to take any cold medicine since, and feel so much better. I was very pleased that this worked (and so quickly!) and now I know that there is another way to treat a cold other than the typical cold/flu medicine.
~ Deb