Acupuncture for Pain

I thought living with pain was my only option.  I have had many surgeries from foot, back and lately neck surgery.  I still had significant pain after my c5-c7 surgery in February 2015.  I was referred to a pain management doctor. My options were pain pills and seizure medicines to reduce the pain. Trying numerous medicines and frankly not liking my future of meds, I turned to acupuncture. I went to see Erin with no expectations. What I got was remarkable. The pain in my arm that was unbearable and affected my sleeping dissipated after one visit. I am so happy and grateful that Erin has been able to help where Western Medicine could not. If you find yourself in a similar situation and taking pain medication or having to have additional surgeries, I highly suggest acupuncture. Acupuncture has given me relief and control over my health I did not have before.


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